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Have you heard of Gender Selection with IVF Treatment? With the increase in the success rate of IVF treatments in recent years, different techniques have developed in IVF Treatment. Gender selection is one of them. With the development of technology, tests used for genetic control now allow you to choose your baby’s gender!

As the world’s largest IVF treatment provider company, we can provide treatments in countries around the world. Although the treatments we provide are not limited to gender selection, you can also reach us for information about our egg and sperm freezing, sperm and egg donor, and even surrogate mother services.

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As Star Fertility Center,  we provide treatment to our patients in many countries of the world. We offer services that will make your dreams come true with real success stories and real success rates. While having a baby is normal and rewarding, sometimes success takes a hard road.

We understand the feelings of couples who want to have a baby and offer them the best treatment. Although our IVF centers are located in different countries such as Thailand, India, Poland and Czech Republic, Cyprus, IVF Clinics with the highest success rate, how about one last try to make your dreams come true?

We have agreements with many fertility centers in many countries of the world. In this way, your treatments can be cost-effective and have high success rates.

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Innovative Methods in IVF Treatments

IVF With Sperm Or Egg Donor

Have you tried all the treatments to have a baby and still can’t have a baby?You may consider having a baby with Donor Sperm or Donor egg

IVF Gender Selection​

Gender Selected IVF, which has become popular in recent years, is now very easy. Want to choose your baby’s gender for “Family Balance”? With a single test, you can find out the gender of your baby before it implants in your womb.

Sperm or Egg Freezing

Sperm or Egg freezing is one of the services provided in our Fertility clinics. You can freeze your eggs or sperm indefinitely and use them to have babies in the future.

embryo Freezing

The couple choose to freeze their embryos because they want to preserve their choice to become parents later on. Factors such as cancer treatment, increased age, or risk of injury are reasons people often consider freezing.

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What is IVF gender selection?

IVF Gender Selection is the process of determining a person’s or a couple’s genetic sex, whether a boy or a girl, before the embryos are placed in the womb. IVF embryos are the only ones that allow for gender determination.

The phrase gender selection as opposed to past gender selection is favored. A person’s sexual identity is widely understood to depend on their gender. While a child’s sex is determined genetically by whether they inherited a set of male XY chromosomes or a pair of female XX chromosomes.

Is IVF gender selection safe?

There is no proven risk of birth defects in any of the gender selection procedures. In fact, due to genetic embryo testing, the probability of birth defects with IVF is lower than with natural pregnancy. Therefore, it is possible to say that in vitro fertilization does not carry any risk and that I am a reliable treatment method.

What factors can influence the success rate with IVF gender selection?

In IVF gender selection treatment, any factor does not affect the success rate of gender selection. Thanks to the tests, patients have a baby of the sex they want with 100% guarantee. Tests are guaranteed. It is guaranteed that the parents will have a baby of the desired gender.

Is IVF gender selection legal?

IVF gender selection is not legal in every country. It is legal in some countries. Legal countries include Russia, the United States, Mexico, Thailand and Cyprus. If you want to determine the gender of your baby, you can choose one of these countries.

Will insurance cover IVF gender selection?

IVF sexing is not a mandatory health issue. Parents specify gender for their wishes. For this reason, IVF gender selection is not covered by insurance. However, genetic screening of the embryo may be involved to ensure that the baby is normal and healthy.

How much does IVF gender selection cost?


Each clinic sets its own prices for sex determination. Depending on whether microsorting or PGD sex selection is employed, the price can range from $3,000 to $5,000. Keep in mind that this expense will be in addition to any assisted reproductive fertility therapy procedure costs.

How many eggs are typically needed for IVF gender selection?


The number of eggs that should be collected in IVF c,sniyet selection will vary according to each woman. It would not be correct to give information about this number, which will differ according to the number of eggs in the egg. You can find out how many tubers were collected during the collection process at the fertility center. 

How soon after IVF gender selection can a baby be conceived?

In vitro fertilization treatment starts on the 2nd day of the woman’s menstrual period and continues for a total of 20-21 days. A pregnancy test is performed 12 days after the transfer process, that is, the embryo transfer. Pregnancy will be obvious in this case.

Does the accuracy of IVF gender selection vary from clinic to clinic?

Most of the time it doesn’t change. Because the tests are often the same. Success rates are the same as for the test. The same test is used in each clinic. This means that there will be no change in success rates. However, treatment costs vary. Therefore, parents should choose a more affordable clinic.

How is the gender of the embryos identified in IVF gender selection?

Preimplantation genetic testing (PGT), which includes taking a few cells from an embryo as it develops in the lab and identifying the sex, boy or girl, of the embryos through genetic analysis, is used to identify the sex of embryos.


During an embryo transfer process, only healthy embryos of the desired sex are implanted in a woman after testing.

What are the risks associated with IVF gender selection?

There is no proven risk of birth defects in any of the sex selection procedures. In fact, due to genetic embryo testing, the probability of birth defects is lower with IVF than with natural pregnancy. Therefore, you can get IVF gender selection treatment with peace of mind.

Does IVF gender selection increase the risk of genetic abnormalities?

IVF sex selection does not increase the risk of genetic abnormalities. There are no studies that prove this. However, IVF gender selection has no known risks and complications.

Can you select both girl and boy embryo in transfer at the same time?

Yes. With IVF gender selection, you can select both male and female embryos. Regardless of the gender preferred by the parents, the preferred embryos are transferred to the mother’s womb during treatment. So the result will be as the family wants.

Does the mother’s age affect the accuracy of IVF gender selection?

Although the age of the mother affects the success rate of IVF, it does not affect the choice of gender. The two must be evaluated differently. Although the age of the mother is important in IVF treatment, the age of the mother will not be a problem during gender selection.

Is there a minimum required number of eggs that must be retrieved to ensure accuracy?

No, there is no such number of eggs. Depending on your situation, the fertility center will collect the most accurate number of eggs.

How long does it take to get results following IVF gender selection?

In vitro fertilization gender selection will start on the 2nd day of menstruation and will last an average of 21 days. After 12 days, the embryo will be implanted in the mother’s womb. In this case, it will take an average of 1 month.

How often can IVF gender selection be performed?

If there is no incompatibility between the spouses and the problem has been determined exactly, the age and criteria should also be compatible. Of course, in the presence of eggs and sperm, the number of repetitions can be increased as desired, within the financial and moral strength of the couples.

Is PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) necessary for IVF gender selection?

PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) can be used to detect which embryos are XX or XY. Pregnancy can be achieved by placing the desired embryos in the female’s uterus. PGD is the only method with close to 100% accuracy for gender selection. For this reason, many clinics provide treatment with this test.

How soon can somebody conceive following IVF gender selection?

After IVF gender selection, a woman becomes pregnant on average after 21 days. It is important to wait 1 month to get a clear result.

Are there any alternatives to IVF gender selection?

The man’s sperm determines the gender of the baby, so the sperm must be divided into male and female in a procedure known as sperm sorting. As an alternative, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), which also includes IVF treatment, can be used. The majority of parents favor PGD because it gives them the option to choose which eggs are placed back into the womb. The procedure is also used to determine whether the fetus is male or female and to look for genetic flaws.

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Chris and Polina, 40 years old, married for 13 years and living in Germany, cannot have children in the normal way. Chris is diagnosed with advanced OAT when they apply for a doctor to pass the checks. Tube baby treatment is recommended so that the couple can have children. The couple who tried 3 Tube baby treatments cannot get a positive result from these trials. After these failed trials, the couple who have been financially and spiritually worn apply to our clinic. Treatment is started after the necessary tests have been performed in our clinic. Polina is given the Immunity vaccine (Lymphocyte vaccine) for three months, once a month, due to her age and repeated failed tube baby trials. Tube baby treatment is switched. IMSI technique, Microinjection Type Tube baby, Laser Cutter and Blastocyst Transfer. The first practice in our clinic is to have a pregnancy. After a healthy pregnancy, they have a boy. They’re enjoying a happy family with their son right now.​

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David and Martina have been married for eight years. The couple who couldn’t have children in the normal way applied to our clinic. Martina, 35, was diagnosed with early menopause and David was diagnosed with OAT. Treatment program was started after the required tests were performed. 3 eggs were obtained after the ovulation treatment. A healthy embryo was obtained by applying Preimplantation genetic Diagnosis (PGT) to the patient. The news was finally here, and Martina was pregnant. A boy was born healthy in this family. After seven years, the family was happy to be a parent.

“Best Decision I’ve Made in My Life!”

10-year-old Emily and Alexandre, 34, applied to our clinic with 3 failed test tubes and 2 low stories. Our patient was desperate for her to lose her babies twice after she got pregnant, and her hope and despair had been repeated. The final techniques for tube baby treatment were applied as a result of detailed examination in our clinic, with three failed tube baby trials and twin gestational due to laser-flurching and Blastocyst transfer. Emily and Alexandre, who entered the New year with twin girls, are happy to be a family of four.

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