Micro Tese

  • Microscopic testicular sperm extraction is preferred if a man does not naturally have enough healthy sperm or is unable to produce sperm. It is a procedure that involves finding and collecting sperm from the testicular tissue when the man wants to have a child. Thus, the Man can have a healthy baby carrying his own genes.

IVF Treatment Package


IVF treatment creates an opportunity for couples who do not have children. As Cureholiday, located above the world standard with service quality, offers the best service to our patients with our high-quality medical materials and experienced physicians at reasonable prices. In our comfortable hospitals you will get an excellent treatment process. With a high satisfaction rate, we have touched the lives of thousands of people and helped to build the whole family. CureHoliday will always assist you in providing you with the best option for quality and price. We also take care of every detail to ensure a totally problem-free process by offering you our accommodation package.


Package includes:

One-Off Consultations

Group 6
Remote Treatment Opportunity!

The fact that IVF treatments are possible with many techniques makes it difficult for patients to choose a country for treatment. For this reason, one of the conveniences we provide to our patients is that you can start treatment with us in your country. After you have started all the necessary tests and drug treatments in your country, it is possible to complete the final stage with us. We know that the whole process in IVF treatments is quite complex and costly. For this reason, we use all the possibilities for our patients to receive treatment in the most comfortable way. You can also contact us to get detailed information about this opportunity.

Group 5
24/7 Consultation service

We will take care of you in the whole process about the treatment. Our hotline will be at your service 24/7. Your treatment plan and the country where you receive treatment are important. You can reach us at every stage of the treatment. You should know that we will provide 24/7 support if you cannot reach your Clinic at the beginning of the treatment, during the treatment or at the last stage of the treatment.

Not Sure Which Package Is Right For You?

Feel free to contact us and we will help you choose the best solution for your family’s needs.