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Best Fertility Clinics For Gender Selection

What Is Gender Selection?

Gender selection is a medical technique used by parents who wish to select the sex of their offspring. Gender selection is carried out by means of sperm separation or genetic testing. The embryos with the desired gender are then implanted into the woman’s womb.

How Does Gender Selection Work?

The sex of an embryo is determined by the chromosomes conveyed by the sperm. Sperm can have the X chromosome or the Y chromosome, whereas a woman’s egg only has the X chromosome. When an X chromosome is obtained from both the sperm and the egg (XX), a female is produced. When sperm delivers a Y (XY) chromosome, a male is produced. When conception occurs naturally, you have one in two chances of having a daughter or a boy.

To increase these ratings in one direction or another, consider IVF with gender selection. The gender selection process starts in a controlled laboratory. With a microscopic glass needle and laser, only one cell is removed from the embryo without causing any harm. The genetic composition of the cell is then analyzed microscopically to determine gender. The general quality of the embryo can also be determined at that point. High-quality embryos of the preferred gender are then transferred into the uterus.

You can see the information about the cheapest IVF countries below:

Can you Choose Gender in IVF?

Intended Parents can determine gender through PGD/PGS/PGT-A during an IVF journey. Given a fertility doctor’s ability to identify the XX or XY chromosomes in the embryo with PGD tests, the gender selection process is nearly 100% accurate.

However, not all patients are able to produce healthy embryos of the desired sex due to factors associated with age, egg supply, and sperm quality. In these cases, donor sperm or egg donation is an option for affected parents who want to choose their sex.

Best Country for IVF Gender Selection

Where Is The Cheapest Gender Selection in the world? or Which Countries is Suitable for Gender Selection? Why do patients travel abroad to undergo Gender Selectio? This questions have too much answer;

Gender Selection has been frequently preferred in IVF treatments in recent years. Therefore, patients now have more chances to choose their baby’s gender. Who wouldn’t want to have a baby in the gender you’ve always dreamed of? But of course, fulfilling dreams is not the only reason for choosing a gender. In addition, it is to reduce the incidence of some genetic diseases in female or male babies or to provide family balance. In this case, the gender selection will be the best choice.

In which countries is it possible to choose gender?

Gender selection is legal in very few countries. This increases gender selection costs and makes access difficult. We aim to provide the best Gender selection treatment along with the package services and affordable prices we have prepared for you. You can make a choice between the countries we provide treatment by examining the countries listed below;

  • Dubai
  • Thailand
  • USA
Best Fertility Clinics For Gender Selection

IVF Gender Selection in Dubai

How much is Gender Selection in Dubai? The cheapest Gender Selection country in the world? Dubai is among the countries where gender selection is legal and has doctors who are successful in medicine. However, the high cost of living in Dubai greatly increases the cost of even IVF treatments. In this case, the minimum amount that patients who want to have a baby with gender selection in Dubai have to pay for the clinic is between 12.000 € and 17.000 €.

Prices may vary depending on clinics and other reasons, with consultation and many other tests being paid for. In addition, Dubai is not preferred because of its climate. If you are not used to very hot weather, it may cause some problems for you. Especially considering that Fertility embroidery is a very stressful and tense process, having a hot climate is one of the reasons why it is not preferred. However, if you are still considering getting Gender Selecion treatment in Dubai, you can contact us for this.

IVF Gender Selection in the USA

The USA is among the countries with advanced and experienced doctors in the field of health. Is USA an Eligible Country for Gender Selection? Of course, the USA, along with successful fertility clinics, can provide treatments with high success rates.

However, another important issue is costs. Although gender selection is legal in the USA, treatment costs make it difficult for patients to choose gender. To give more precise information, between 4250 € and 5000 € is required for gender selection.

IVF Gender Selection in Thailand

How much is Gender Selection in Thailand? Thailand is a highly developed country with a high success rate in fertility treatments. This is why many couples visit Thailand every year for their IVF treatments. This is because, along with successful IVF treatments and affordable costs, patients have access to many advanced fertility technologies.

One of them is Gender selection. Gender selection is extremely common in IVF treatments. Their prices are cheaper than fertility clinics in Europe and they are easy to access. To give some information about the Thailand Gender selection costs, the treatment is 7500 €.

Our services included in the Thailand Treatment cost above are as follows;

  • Round-trip flight ticket for 2 ( air tickets only cover domestic flights )
  • Hotel, 7 nights full board
  • Taxi transfers and PCR fees included €2000

For more detailed information about the treatment, you can contact us 24/7. Our advisors will be waiting to answer the questions you have in mind.

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