Cheapest Country For Gender Selection

Gender Selection (Sex Selection)

The IVF Center provides a variety of sex selection techniques to assist couples in balancing their families or to select the sex of their children for genetic factors including x-linked disorders. Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis/screening (PGD/PGS) for gender selection is not permitted in Cyprus; as a result, MicroSort is the method of choice.

People have always been interested in choosing the sex of their unborn kid for a variety of reasons throughout the history of mankind. They relied on folklore, the efficacy of medicines and potions, the Chinese calendar, and many other frequently ineffective and dubious scientific techniques to do this. Having a male kid is crucial in patriarchal cultures because they place great value on passing down their family name to future generations. Since women acquire their husbands’ last name after marriage, having a male child is the only way to accomplish this.

In Israel, “egg” is usually more significant than “sperm” when it comes to reproduction because it is thought that Jewish identity is formed through the maternal line. Because so many men died in the war, most families in post-war Germany utilized quite crude methods to try to conceive a girl so that she wouldn’t have to fight in a war in the future.

Reasons for Preferring IVF Gender Selection

In order to balance their family, a couple who already has a kid or children of a certain gender may choose gender selection to complete their family. Additionally, there are medical considerations that may play a role in parents’ decisions regarding the sex of their unborn child. For instance, some parents may decide against having children who would later have a sex-related genetic condition like Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

We are one of the few countries in the world where gender selection is permitted legally for both medical and family reasons.

Alternative gender selection techniques exist; some call for less invasive procedures, while others call for a bit more reliance on IVF technologies. IVF now provides a different technique for choosing a child’s gender before conception with this new treatment option. Our IUI or IVF treatment options now include the gender selection technique known as microsort technology.

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IVF Gender Selection The Importance of Clinical Selection

With a team of professionals, cutting-edge technology, and IVF procedures, we provide gender (gender) selection treatment that is low-cost and very successful. Our services have been expanded to include genetic testing for miscarriage screening, HPV testing, and sex selection in addition to sex. For further information on gender selection and genetic diagnosis, please get in touch with us.

The sort of treatment that will best meet your needs depends on a number of factors, including your gender. These mostly include the patient’s age, the hormone levels that should be assessed during a specific menstrual cycle phase, and the findings of her husband’s semen study. When assessing the female patient’s ovarian reserve and remaining egg quality, her hormone profile is crucial. Ovarian reserves tend to diminish more quickly with increasing age, which has an impact on the oocytes’ quality.

As a result, by carefully selecting the kind of treatment that is best for you and calculating the precise dosage of medication to be given, we may optimize the results of a treatment cycle if we are aware of the type of reserve we are looking at. The assessment can be used to choose your baby’s gender using the methods listed below before you become pregnant:

MicroSort IUI for Gender (Sex) Selection

The least intrusive approach of gender selection for family balancing. For patients in their 20s or early 30s with ideal ovarian function and ideal sperm characteristics, MicroSort IUI is typically advised so that we can offer a respectable likelihood of success with this fundamental gender selection procedure. In individuals with no known reproductive issues, we anticipate success rates with MicroSort IUI to range between 25 and 30 percent on average.

IVF with PGD for Gender (Sex) Selection

Pre-implantation genetic screening (often called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis or PGD) is a method of chromosome screening in which chromosomes are checked for abnormalities. This allows the sex of the embryo to be seen during the scan.

MicroSort IVF with PGD for Sex Selection

This treatment option uses MicroSort sperm sorting technology in conjunction with IVF to assist couples in selecting the sex of their unborn child. The female patient’s eggs are drug-matured and removed from the ovaries during the IVF procedure so they can be fertilized with the preferred sex’s sperm. To ensure that only healthy embryos are transported to the uterus, the embryos are further screened using PGD after being generated with the desired sex.

Cost of Gender Selection

Depending on the kind of treatment you decide to get, gender selection costs may vary. One of the few clinics in the world that can offer MicroSort and PGD technologies in combination to choose the gender of your baby is one of our IVF Centers. Pre-implantation genetic screening makes sure that we only choose and transfer healthy embryos to the uterus, while the MicroSort sperm separation method enables us to produce embryos of the desired sex.

This is a crucial component of the treatment since, by the time a patient reaches the age of 40, 60% of their embryos may be genetically defective and the rate of chromosomal abnormalities rises sharply after that. Being able to choose healthy ones will not only increase the chances of success, but also minimize the risk of miscarriage and having a child with genetic problems.

The starting costs of our gender selection programs at our IVF Centers are as follows:

  • MicroSort IUI: 2.800 Euros
  • MicroSort IVF: 3.700 Euros
  • IVF+PGD (for known genetic disorders, not for family balance: 5,000 Euros
  • MicroSort IVF + PGD (for both family balance and known genetic diseases): 6,200 Euro

Which Country Is The Cheapest For Gender Selection

When you decide to choose a gender abroad, you should consider all relevant factors, including the cost of treatment, quality of services, doctors’ expertise, equipment of the fertility center or clinic, success rate, accommodation and also living. expenses will be calculated at the final cost of your trip. For this reason, you can continue to read our content to choose the cheapest country in IVF treatments.

The Cheapest Country for Gender Selection in 2023

Since both ultrasounds and drugs are necessary for your treatment, we don’t charge extra for them. All fees for the initial consultation, doctor visits, examinations, tests, ultrasounds, medications, IVF, gender selection, and embryo transfer are included in the total you pay. International couples are able to benefit from sex selection technology because this reasonable cost is within the means of practically every pair.
The cost of in vitro fertilization will increase due to the IVF procedure’s gender selection. The price of gender selection via IVF varies depending on a number of factors, including the quantity of required IVF cycles, the number of embryos to be transferred, the location, clinic, and healthcare facilitator costs.

The greatest fertility clinics in the nation use pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) or gender selection, both of which are completely legal. Additionally, we provide chromosomal microarray, which aids in selecting the healthiest embryo for uterine transfer. Because the likelihood of chromosomal anomalies in women grows beyond the age of 35 and raises the possibility of miscarriage, this technology is very beneficial. In addition to improving the chance of success, choosing healthy embryos reduces the possibility of producing a child with a genetic condition.

Gender Selection in Different Countries

Gender Selection in the USA

In the USA, gender selection IVF procedures typically cost between $15,000 and $300,000. The cost may change depending on the patient’s needs and the area. Before having a healthy pregnancy and birth, so many couples must go through numerous IVF gender selection cycles, which can greatly increase the overall cost.

Gender Selection in Mexico

Due to its shared border with the United States and less expensive healthcare than in the United States, Mexico is one of the most preferred countries for IVF gender selection. In this nation, sex selection costs about $8000. Patients who are set on traveling to Mexico for IVF gender selection should think about the costs associated with staying for the entire procedure, which can take three weeks or longer. The price of travel, lodging, food, and intercity transportation are all included in these costs.

Gender Selection in Russia

Only people with a history of sex-related genetic abnormalities running in their family and who can produce the necessary medical evidence can choose their gender legally in Russia. In Russia, gender selection typically costs about $2500 more than IVF, which can cost anywhere from $3000 to $5000.

Gender Selection in Thailand

Thailand may be an alternative for people who live in nations where sex selection is prohibited to acquire this service legally and successfully give birth to a kid with the desired sex. PGD gender selection is available in Thailand at an average price of $15,000 per procedure. IVF gender selection is frequently less expensive in Thailand than it is in western nations like Europe, Australia, or North America.

Gender Selection in Iran

Iran has a wide range of IVF gender selection costs. The cost of the IVF gender selection process, which covers doctor appointments, ultrasounds, testing, drugs, the IVF procedure, gender selection, and initial embryo transfer, varies depending on the clinic. Although this technique is relatively expensive in comparison to western nations, its quality is on par with that of similar processes in western nations.

Iran is one of the most popular legal nations for gender selection, offering local and foreign couples the chance to choose their gender with the aid of qualified fertility specialists. For more detailed information about the treatment, you can contact us 24/7. Our advisors will be waiting to answer the questions you have in mind.

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