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Week 22 Of A Pregnancy

Week 22 marks a new milestone in pregnancy, as your baby is now nearly three-quarters of the way through its development in the womb. Your baby is now roughly 7 and a half inches long, and weighs about 14 ounces.

Appearance: At this stage, your baby’s skin is thinner and less wrinkled. All five of their senses are now developed, but more refining will occur once they enter the outside world.

Movement: By now, you should be feeling regular movement from your baby. He/she should be able to move their limbs, kick and somersault around your uterus.

Growth: Your baby’s lungs are continuing to strengthen and mature, and their digestive system is still improving. Additionally, their immune system has developed enough to protect them from many common illnesses.

Your Baby’s Development: By week 22 of your pregnancy, your baby is well into their third trimester. They can now respond to environmental cues, including sound, light and touch. Their organs are almost fully developed and their senses are becoming more acute.

Your Body: At this point, you are likely experiencing some aches and pains due to the extra weight you are carrying. Be sure to take time for yourself and do things that can help relax you such as yoga and meditation. Additionally, make sure you are eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of rest to make sure that you and your baby stay healthy.

Considerations: If you have specific concerns about your doctor, talk to them about any supplements that may benefit you and your baby during this stage of development. As your baby’s third trimester begins, take time to enjoy this special time and make sure you are taking care of yourself.

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