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Week 27 Of A Pregnancy

At 27 weeks pregnant, your baby is now viewed as “viable” — meaning, if baby were to be born now, they could potentially survive with medical assistance. This is thanks to their continued development and growth in the remaining months of pregnancy.

Your baby is now around 15 inches long and weighs roughly 2.5 pounds. Their eyesight is continuing to develop and they have become very sensitive to your voice — as well as other external noises. Baby’s brain is continuing to quickly develop, so they can practice movements and learn to regulate their body’s internal organs. The bones in their skull haven’t fused together yet, so their head is still quite soft and flexible.

Your belly is likely growing larger now and swelling and water retention are more common. You may be feeling tired more easily and feeling increased aches and pains. Lower back pain is common, particularly when you’re out of position for too long. Take frequent breaks throughout the day and find comfortable positions to rest in.

The quality of your sleep may decrease as you enter the final months of pregnancy. It’s important to stay active, even if it’s just taking a daily walk, so that your body is strong when it’s time to go into labour.

During this trimester, focus on taking good care of yourself and getting prepared for the last few months of pregnancy, labour, and delivery. As baby continues to grow and develop, you may begin to experience new sensations and changes. Talk to your healthcare provider with any questions or concerns and connect with other expectant mothers to get support and advice.

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