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Week 37 Of A Pregnancy

Pregnancy week 37 marks the beginning of the eleventh month of pregnancy and is a crucial stage of development for the baby. By this stage, the baby should be over 6 pounds and almost 20 inches long. 

As the baby continues to grow, you may be feeling very tired, due to the extra weight of the baby. It is also common to experience Braxton Hicks contractions, which help prepare your uterus for labor. 

At this stage, the baby’s lungs should be fully developed and ready to breathe on their own. His or her brain and nervous system are almost finished developing and the baby is starting to learn and remember. The bones should be almost completely formed, and the baby should be in the head-down position (also known as cephalic presentation). 

Your baby is almost ready for the wide world! During week 37, the opening of the cervix may also begin to dilate, which is an indication that you are getting closer to labor. You may feel extra pressure in your abdomen due to the baby’s size, as well as leg cramps and increased backaches. 

Week 37 is an exciting time in your pregnancy. Make sure to take care of yourself by eating healthy and resting when needed. With only a few more weeks left, you can start preparing for your new arrival.

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