How Many Times Can You Do IVF?

The most popular and effective fertility treatment preferred by many families dealing with infertility is in vitro fertilization, or IVF.

Despite how effective IVF is, the treatment does not always lead to a successful pregnancy. In fact, it is very common for people to go through several IVF cycles until they get pregnant with a baby.

Continuous failed IVF attempts can cause emotional, physical, and economic stress. In this post, we will take a look at why IVF fails and look for solutions.

What is The Success Rate of IVF on the First Try?

Many variables, including the woman’s age, overall health, and the couple’s reasons for infertility, need to be taken into account when discussing the success rates of IVF.

It is well-known that the younger the mother the greater the chances of getting pregnant with IVF. However, even with patients where the woman is younger than 35 years old, the likelihood of having a healthy pregnancy on the first IVF try is about 35%.

How Many Cycles of IVF Do Most People Do?

Every family will have a different IVF journey. Some people will get pregnant and have their baby after only one IVF cycle, while others could continue for two or three cycles more.

However, if we need to give an approximate answer, a total of six IVF cycles appears to be very effective. Around 65% of patients will become pregnant after six cycles of IVF.

The success rates gradually get lower as the women get older. If she is using her own eggs for IVF, a woman who is older than 42 has approximately a 5% chance of pregnancy at six IVF cycles. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide how many IVF treatments you can have.

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Can you have IVF multiple times?

Does IVF Success Increase with Attempts?

The success rate for each individual IVF cycle will be similar for families. However, when families keep coming back for more IVF treatments, their overall success rate for IVF becomes higher because they will be creating more opportunities for pregnancy.

However, there is still no guarantee that the procedure will work after a certain number of IVF cycles.

How Many Times Should You Try IVF?

There are no limits to the number of IVF cycles patients can have. The decision to carry on with more IVF cycles is entirely up to the families.

If you have only had one failed IVF cycle and you have emotional, physical, and economic availability for more IVF treatments, it can be recommended that you give IVF a second try. Ideally, you can try six cycles or more to increase your chances.

Some families will be lucky after their first try, but there are also some couples who have had 10 or more IVF cycles until the birth of their baby.

Why Does IVF Fail Repeatedly?

And what are the reasons behind your multiple IVF failures? Among the most common reasons why IVF treatment fails are;

  • The age of the mother
  • Low grade of the embryos
  • The number of embryos implanted
  • Implantation failure
  • Primary ovarian insufficiency
  • Other infertility issues (endometriosis, premature ovarian failure, etc.)
  • Unhealthy lifestyle factors (nutrition, weight, stress, smoking, heavy drinking, drug use, etc.)
  • Chromosomal abnormalities
can you have IVF multiple times?

How Soon Can IVF Be Repeated?

One cycle of IVF treatment takes about three weeks in total. After the treatment is over, the patients are asked to wait for 2 weeks before taking a pregnancy test.

If the pregnancy test result is negative and the family wishes to continue with another IVF cycle, it is recommended that they wait 1-2 months or at least one full menstrual cycle before the next treatment.

Taking a rest between IVF cycles is recommended to recover both physically and mentally as failed fertility treatments can cause a lot of stress for families.

What Happens Next if IVF Is Unsuccessful?

If you have completed one or more failed attempts at IVF using your own eggs but could not achieve the desired results, you may be wondering what your next steps should be.

After a failed IVF, many individuals and couples continue to try further IVF cycles. Usually, for a successful IVF cycle to take place, multiple cycles are needed.

Some of your options after failed IVF treatment are;

  • Trying for natural pregnancy
  • Additional IVF cycles
  • Additional IVF cycles after changing your fertility clinic
  • IVF using donor eggs
  • Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS)
  • Gestational surrogacy

Particularly, using egg donation should be considered after multiple failed IVF cycles especially for older women because egg donation from a younger woman can increase the chances of a successful pregnancy with IVF.

The Cost of Multiple IVF Cycles

IVF takes energy, time, and, of course, money. Having to finance up to six or more IVF cycles can be impossible for many families, depending on whether their insurance cover fertility treatments and where they are getting their treatment.

In countries such as the United Kingdom, many European countries, or the United States, the price for a single IVF treatment can be well over €10,000.

Where Can I Get Cheaper IVF Treatments Abroad?

One way to finance multiple IVF cycles is to travel abroad to cheaper destinations. There are numerous successful and recognized fertility clinics around the world that can help you save money on each IVF cycle. One of the top destinations for IVF treatment is Cyprus.

Best Fertility Clinics in Cyprus

Currently, we are working with some of the most professional IVF clinics in Cyprus. A growing number of foreign individuals and couples travel to our clinics in Cyprus to get better prices for IVF treatment.

IVF is one of Cyprus’s largest industries, and over the past ten years, the nation has established a reputation as one of the world’s best destinations for fertility treatments. The IVF clinics in Cyprus offer some of the best prices for IVF in the region. Donor eggs and donor sperm prices for IVF are also more affordable in Cyprus fertility clinics. And they provide exceptional service to each family thanks to their extensive experience in the sector.

IVF gender selection cost Cyprus

Is It Possible to Choose Your Baby’s Gender?

After multiple failed IVF attempts, some families feel that their time to have babies is limited, and they may wish to have either a baby boy or a baby girl.

IVF gender selection in Cyprus helps families to have a baby of their desired sex. There are many other reasons why people may look into gender selection treatment such as the risk of passing on genetic disorders.

IVF gender selection is not available in the majority of countries, and access to the treatment is very limited. It is possible to get IVF gender selection in Cyprus with IVF.

Best Prices and Discounts for IVF in Cyprus

Treatments in CyprusPrices in €
Basic IVF€4,000
IVF with Oosit Freezing€4,000
IVF with Sperm Donation€5,500
IVF with Egg Donation€6,500
IVF with Embryo Donation€7,500
IVF + Gender Selection€7,500
IVF with Sperm Donation + Gender Selection     €8,500
IVF with Egg Donation + Gender Selection€9,500
IVF with Embryo Donation + Gender Selection€11,000
Embryo Freezing (yearly fee)€1,000
Sperm Freezing (yearly fee)€750

Fertility clinics in Cyprus offer affordable treatment packages that include accommodation and VIP transfer expenses.

You can reach out to us to learn more about the IVF process in Cyprus and how much IVF costs in Cyprus. There are also discounted packages or multiple IVF cycles. If you have questions about IVF or other fertility treatments in Cyprus or would like to learn more about our treatment methods, contact us for more details. We look forward to meeting you!

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