What Foods Can Help Increase Sperm Count?

Almost 1 in 4 couples who are unable to conceive experience problems related to male infertility, such as low sperm count. With the right nutrients, it is possible to improve the number and quality of sperm.

How Many Sperm Is a Good Number?

Male fertility depends on the normal functioning of sperm. Normally, it is understood that there are at least 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen. This number varies from person to person, and a healthy man can have as high as 200 million sperm per milliliter.

A low sperm count means that there are fewer than the minimum of 15 million sperm per milliliter. Low sperm count is a big factor that can lower the chances of pregnancy.

How Can You Tell if Sperm Count Is Low?

If you suspect that you or your partner has a low sperm count, look out for symptoms such as;

  • Problems with maintaining an erection (erectile dysfunction)
  • Problems with ejaculation
  • Decreased interest in sex
  • Problems with sexual performance,
  • Problems concerning the testicles (pain, discomfort, swelling, abnormal mass, etc.)
  • Decreased facial or body hair or other signs

Previous medical operations related to the groin, testicles, penis, or scrotum may also be a cause for fewer sperm count in some cases.

Of course, the biggest symptom of low sperm count is the inability to get a partner pregnant. If a couple fails to get pregnant after a year of unprotected sex and trying for a baby, it is strongly recommended to consult a fertility specialist.

At this stage, a semen analysis test can be conducted to confirm whether the sperm count is actually low or not. A sperm analysis can be done at your doctor’s office, a fertility clinic, or with a testing kit for at-home sperm analysis if available.

sperm count and male infertility

How Can I Increase My Sperm Count Fast?

There are some foods that are known to have a positive effect on sperm count and quality. Adding these foods to your diet will help you increase your sperm count naturally. In fact, eating a healthy diet and consuming nutrient-rich foods can improve many sperm health issues such as sperm quality, shape, and mobility as well.

Best Foods to Increase Sperm Count and Boost Male Fertility

The nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants found in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains may increase sperm count and improve their quality and swimming ability.

According to studies, vitamins such as C and E, and other nutrients, such as zinc, improved the count of the semen produced by infertile men.

Considering this, here is a list of foods that can help increase sperm count fast;

  • Beef
  • Liver
  • Fish such as Salmon, Tuna, or Sardines
  • Oysters, Crabs, Lobsters
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Walnuts, Brazil nuts
  • Tomatoes
  • Garlic
  • Bananas
  • Dark chocolate
  • Kiwis, Oranges
  • Locust beans
  • Ginseng

These foods have very high contents of vitamins, healthy fats, and other beneficial nutrients that will have a positive impact on overall sperm health and boost sperm production.

What Foods Reduce Sperm Count?

Similar to how certain foods will have a great effect on sperm count, certain foods and drinks can cause sperm count and quality to drop.

  • Processed meats (sausages, hot dogs, salami, ham, etc.)
  • Trans fats (fried foods, many packaged foods like potato chips, fried pastries such as doughnuts, baked desserts, etc.)
  • High-fat dairy products (whole milk, cream, cheese, etc.)
  • Soy products
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol

It is important to be careful about what you put in your body when you want to improve your sperm count and fertility. If you eat any of these foods frequently, try to cut back on their consumption.

Alcohol, no matter the amount, can have detrimental effects on male fertility. Frequent or heavy drinking can lower sperm count and impact a man’s libido. If you drink and have difficulty conceiving a child, try to drink less in order for your sperm health to improve.

Fertility Treatments for Men

When attempting to get pregnant, sperm count can be crucial. Having a healthy sperm count plays an important role if you’re attempting to get pregnant naturally.

While eating the right foods can have great benefits on sperm health and count, you can start to look into your other options for fertility after a year of trying to get pregnant without results.

Today, there are many fertility treatments for men to help families achieve a healthy pregnancy.

IVF treatment in Cyprus for low sperm count

Fertility Treatments for Low Sperm Count in Cyprus

Currently, we are working with some of the most professional IVF clinics in Cyprus. A growing number of foreign individuals and couples travel to our clinics in Cyprus to get better prices for various fertility treatments.

IVF is one of Cyprus’s largest industries, and over the past ten years, the nation has established a reputation as one of the world’s best destinations for fertility treatments with great prices. The IVF clinics in Cyprus offer some of the best prices for IVF in the region. And they provide exceptional service to each family thanks to their extensive experience in the sector.

The fertility treatments for male infertility in Cyprus include;

  • IVF
  • IVF with Donor Sperm
  • Micro Tese

IVF in Cyprus for Low Sperm Count

IVF clinics in Cyprus provide professional IVF treatments with high success rates.

If you have not been able to get pregnant naturally after more than a year of trying, in vitro fertilization or IVF can be an alternative for you and your partner experiencing a low sperm count problem.

During IVF, an egg is retrieved from the woman’s ovaries and sperm collected from the man is fertilized in a laboratory. This eliminates the chance factor for fertilization and guarantees that the sperm will reach the egg, which solves the low sperm count issue.

IVF with Donor Sperm in Cyprus

Another great option to solve the low sperm count problem is to use donor sperm. Using healthy donor sperm with IVF can easily resolve infertility issues.

When the male partner can’t provide enough or has no viable sperm at all, using sperm donation can help families in their fertility journey.

Potential sperm donors are carefully screened, and they must undergo extensive psychological, genetic, and STI testing before they can donate. When a family wishes to use donor sperm, they will be able to search through a database of anonymized donor profiles to find the best match. Information about the donor such as physical and personal characteristics, medical and genetic history, academic achievements, and childhood photographs are available in the database so that patients can choose the most suitable option.

Using donor sperm is also a great option when men and couples know that they are carriers of or at risk for potentially dangerous genetic disorders that may pass on to the baby. Using healthy donor sperm eliminates this worry.

Using a sperm donor will often provide a very successful result for all of these patients.

MicroTESE in Cyprus

MicroTESE stands for “microscopic testicular sperm extraction”. It is a medical procedure that entails the collection of sperm directly from the inside the testicles. This treatment in Cyprus can be performed if a man can’t release or make enough healthy sperm naturally, causing fertility issues.

Best Prices for Low Sperm Count Treatment in Cyprus

The fertility clinics in Cyprus offer very competitive fertility treatment and IVF costs and pricing. Our doctors partner with patients to develop the most suitable customized treatment plans based on their budget, diagnosis, and goals.

Fertility clinics in Cyprus offer affordable treatment packages that include accommodation and VIP transfer expenses. There are also discounted plans for multiple IVF cycles.

You can reach out to us to learn more about the IVF process in Cyprus and how much IVF costs in Cyprus. If you have questions about IVF or other fertility treatments in Cyprus for low sperm count or would like to learn more about our treatment methods, contact us for more details. We look forward to meeting you! For more detailed information about the treatment, you can contact us 24/7. Our advisors will be waiting to answer the questions you have in mind.

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