IVF Gender Selection

How To Select Gender in IVF?

IVF means in vitro fertilization. This is one of the best known types of Assisted Human Reproductive Technologies (ART). IVF works by using a combination of drugs and surgical procedures to help sperm fertilize an egg and help fertilize the egg implant in your womb.

Firstly, you are taking medications that make many of your eggs ripe and ready for fertilization. Then the doctor takes the eggs from your body and blends them with the sperm in a laboratory, to help the sperm fertilize the eggs. Next, they put 1 or more fertilized eggs (embryos) right into your uterus. Pregnancy occurs if one of the embryos implants into the lining of the womb.

There are many steps involved in IVF, and it takes months to complete the entire process. It occasionally works on the first try, but many people need more than one IVF cycle to become pregnant. IVF certainly increases your chances of pregnancy if you have fertility issues, but nothing guarantees that everyone’s body is different and IVF will not work for everyone.

Who Is Suitable for IVF Treatment?

Women with blocked fallopian tubes  completely bypass the fallopian tubes. If you produce healthy eggs which are blocked by fertilization (or if your fallopian tubes have been removed), then you can be a good candidate for IVF. 

Women with Infertility Disorder – Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is the most common cause of infertility among women.If that is the reason for your issues, then IVF can be the right solution for you. IVF can be beneficial to women with other conditions such as endometriosis.

Women with irregular ovulation cycles – IVF therapy produces healthier eggs by inducing ovulation, which is contrary to an irregular menstrual cycle.

How To Select Gender in IVF?

What is the Age Restriction?

What is Age limit for IVF? The age of a woman plays a large part. However, preimplantation genetic diagnosis in women aged 40 and over, considered to have good ovarian capacity, results in a pregnancy of about 25 to 30%.

Why does fertility decline with age?

Women’s ovaries contain a finite number of eggs, and as women age, the quality and amount of eggs decrease, resulting in lower success rates with their own eggs. As women get older, the risk of miscarriage and depression syndrome in babies increases because of the age of the mother.especially from the age of 45, the quantity and quality of a man’s sperm declines, and in this age group we see a growing number of genetic mutations in the sperm. This means that it takes more time for a man and his partner to conceive and there is a higher risk of miscarriage and a higher risk of conditions like autism.

Some couples want Gender Selection to determine the gender of their babies, but it is not available in all countries.

How to Select a Gender

Preimplantation genetic testing (PGT)

Preimplantation genetic screening is a procedure that can be performed during IVF – after fertilization of eggs and before an embryo is placed in the uterus. One or two cells are removed from an embryo and tested for genetic or chromosome disorders and/or gender. There are two types of tests:

Preimplantation genetic testing aneuploidy (PGT-A):

This is used to screen embryos for sex. In this test, the embryos of parents presumed to have a normal number of chromosomes are tested for chromosome disorders, such as Down syndrome. PGT-A can also screen embryos for sex chromosomes, so some fertility clinics offer this test for nonmedical reasons, including family balancing.

Is IVF Gender Selection Legal in Thailand?

Preimplantation genetic testing monogenic or single gene disorder (PGT-M):

This test allows parents with a severe inherited genetic disorder to have their embryos tested to reduce their risk of having a child with the same condition. For example, if a couple is at risk of having a son with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The GMP-M makes it possible to identify male embryos carrying the abnormal gene. They don’t get implanted in the womb.

Sometimes it is important to identify the sex of an embryo because some genetic disorders are sex-related. In that case, both PGT-M and PGT-A are done.

Is Gender Selection Painful Compared to IVF

A lot of patients are curious about the answer to that question. No pain is felt in this process by expert doctors. This allows easy processing.

Important to Note While Choosing a Clinic.

  1. Number of treatments performed. A selection of experienced physicians will certainly contribute to your success rate.
  2. Research and implementation of new technologies. It’s one of the things to consider when making decisions. We return to recent developments when proven traditional treatment methods cannot guarantee a good result.
  3. Clinical comfort. The comfort level is strictly taken into account. During diagnosis, staying after surgery or in a poly duality should feel good and comfortable.

Where Are the Best Places For Gender Selection?

Getting the treatment in the best places gives you a quality service and offers a lot of benefits.

You can see the countries below.

  1. Dubai
  2. Greece
  3. Thailand

Dubai Gender Selection Clinics 

Dubai is one of the countries with legal gender selection and has great medical doctors. The United Arab Emirates allows couples to choose the gender of their choice in the context of family balance (also known as “gender selection”) in order to achieve proportional representation of both genders in the family. This is legal and is one of the major reasons for attracting medical tourists into the country. So now we know one can legally go into family balance in Dubai. However, in Dubai, prices are slightly more expensive than other countries

Thailand Gender Selection Clinics 

The procedure is performed in a laboratory. Once the embryo has formed, it is then placed in the womb of the surrogate. In Bangkok, gender selection is legal because Thailand is one of the rare countries that allow most types of gender selection.

Cyprus Gender Selection Clinics 

Performing successful treatments with a high percentage of satisfaction, Cyprus fertility Centres are the top of the most preferred places in the healthcare sector. At clinics in Cyprus it is very comfortable and with advanced medical products it is possible to obtain a good treatment. Cyprus offers many advantages, as it is adapted to the quality of the processing as well as the price. It also gives people a holiday opportunity after treatment or during treatment.

The warm weather is ideal for your body and the relaxing views and sunshine are wonderful for the mind .It is really a great idea to reserve a little extra time to relax after your surgery, to make sure you’re fully recovered before you go home.This provides you with the opportunity to receive treatments and holidays at an affordable price. Additionally, with highly qualified personnel and state-of-the-art techniques and technologies, Cyprus will be the best option for you.

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