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Week 12 of pregnancy

Week 12 marks a major milestone in the pregnancy as the first trimester has now ended and the second trimester begins. With the risk of miscarriage now greatly reduced, the mother and baby will experience a time of quicker physical and emotional growth.

For the mother, her breasts may start to produce colostrum, whilst morning sickness and nausea should now be starting to decrease. Appetite, energy levels and moods may now be more stable and the mother may even start to feel better inside her changing body as she grows with her pregnancy.

For the baby, week 12 means exciting new physical developments. The eyes, nose and ears are now in their correct position and the baby’s arms and legs can now move freely. Fingernails and toenails are starting to form, and the baby is already able to smile, frown and cry. Development wise, the baby’s brain is now forming and growing larger.

At this stage, the mother and her partner should continue to make preparations for the baby’s arrival. Things like writing a birth plan, researching childcare options and stocking up on essentials can all be done at this time. Most importantly, the mother should take care of herself and take time to relax and enjoy the rest of her pregnancy.

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