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The Tenth Week Of Pregnancy

At the beginning of Week 10, mothers may start to experience a lightening of their baby’s movements. The baby is now almost one ounce in weight and two-and-a-half-inches in length. During this week, the baby’s bones, muscles and cartilage grow stronger and more defined, as the lungs and digestive system continue to develop. It is also during this week that the baby’s external sex organs start to form and its face begins to take shape.

For the mother, the growing fetus may cause the uterus to rise above the belly button, bringing about uncomfortable sensations. Day-to-day energy levels may still remain up and down. Sleep deprivation is common, due to the frequent urination that results from the baby’s pressure on the bladder. Stretch marks, though nothing to worry about, will begin to become more noticeable. It’s essential that the mother continues to eat a well-balanced diet, including plenty of fruit and vegetables to get all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy baby.

Week 10 is a great time to start considering what kind of birth experience the mother would like. Doing research into birthing options, including natural birthing, hypnobirthing and home birth, will help her make an informed decision about where and how she would like to give birth. It’s also a good time for the couple to consider what type of childcare they’d like to have afterwards.

For now, the mother should focus on pampering herself, spending time with her partner and family, and preparing for the arrival of her baby. Bon voyage!

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